Examines the power of play and the significant role black dolls played in the movement of self pride.  The movement of self pride was largely inspired by the human drive for freedom. The stories of activists promoting black consciousness after reconstruction was critical for self imagery between black activists and American society it tells us much about who they were  as a people  and how they saw  societal mobility as a means for asserting their individual freedom.

African Wrap doll workshop                    Kwanzaa

School Tours & Programs


The National Black Doll Museum Of History & Culture  provides school tours and programs that bring the African American experience to life through exhibits, artifacts and hands on  activities designed for young learners. School tours align with most  State Standards for social studies, language arts and fine arts.

Guided docent tours are available to school groups of 10– 60 students. Self guided tours accommodates school group up to 60 and come with a museum overview and gallery activity. The museum also schedules joint tours with some of the museums in the surrounding area of  downtown Mansfield if your school wishes to visit several museums during a field trip outing.

Our In school programs are very popular and should be booked as son as possible. Thinking about February ” Black History Month” Pleas call as soon as possible we book one year in advance.