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                        Museum Pass Program

 Dear Friend of the Library, Trustees, Director, Librarian, Coordinator,

New England’s newest museum, the National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture is pleased to announce the establishment of their Museum Pass Program.

NBDM Pass Program is offered to libraries as follows:

OPTION 1  Community Pass/ Terms of the Discount:  Reduced Admission

Pass holders will receive reduced admission of $2.00 per person Max #.of 5 persons, per party. This pass may only be used by one party per day.

Discounts of 10% in Gift shop, membership or convention may be applied when this pass is used.

Annual Fee for participating libraries: $250 includes 1 pass

OPTION2 : Community Pass / Terms of Discount:  Free Admission

Annual Fee for participating libraries : $500.00 includes 1 pass

Pass: NBDM will provide numbered membership cards (with blank areas for library use). Lost passes are the responsibility of the library and will not be replaced. If a new pass is needed, the library will be charged the $10 fee for a new pass.

Informational Materials: NBDM will supply participating libraries with informational brochures and bi- monthly calendar of events. We request that participating libraries use these materials for display. Please contact NBDM if additional materials are needed.

Publicity: Participating libraries are expected to communicate the availability of the NBDM Pass to their patrons through means such as newsletters, signage, display, website, or local media, as available.

If your library would like to join our Museum Pass Program, please fax this form (credit card payments) or Mail with check to:

Membership and Sales Coordinator   Laverne Cotton Phone 774-284-4729

NBDM   Fax 774 719-2026

National Black Doll Museum, 288 N. Main Street   Website

Mansfield, Ma 02048

Name of Library ______________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

Phone _________________________________Website_______________________________________

Library Contact ______________ Title _________________________________________

Phone ______________________Email ________________________________________

Please provide email to receive monthly updates on events, programs, new exhibits and educational resources.

We will not share or sell your email.    Number of Passes ordered: __________ @ $250.00 = Total Payment

Number of passes ordered :____________@ $500.00 =Total payment