Circle of Friends

Become an Angel!!!

Eight years ago I walked into a classroom and found that children were being bullied because of who they were and I understood what that felt like. I could reach into my own child self and feel the pain of racism hurdled at me. Isn’t racism bullying to the tenth power? So the question was would I be a part of the problem and do nothing or a part of the solution and do the work. I’ve never been a stranger to hard work. Twenty-five thousand folks later we have put together a program using my doll collection to talk about bullying, racism, history and self esteem , quite an accomplishment. Yet, the journey is just beginning and the road is  crooked and awfully long, I am not sure if this is the path  and I know I can’t walk it without your support.  It is difficult to ask for a donation in this time of hard economic times, we all are in need. We feel that we cannot contribute anything significant that will make a difference to the pot,. However  I am asking for your coffee money, that big Mac and I am sorry the movie popcorn dollars . My Circle of Friends are the angels who will watch over  the museum and help it succeed.

Here’s how it works :

As the clasp in your circle you will invite 9 friends to join you and commit to either 1,2, or 3 years a donation of   $6.25 week,$25.00 per month. or $300 for the year.  Your circle would result in a $3,000 a year donation.

Your donation will allow you and  your circle of  friends access to the museum for one year

Membership to Black Doll Collectors Club & Doll E  Daze Project

15% off Black Doll Collectors Convention Package

10% off gift shop items

  1. (1) Free Admission to a Special Exhibit and  one personalized wing placed on the angel tree

Two Year commitment

All of the above plus

  1. A pair of wings and  your choice of  a doll on display  to have  your name  credited as the sponsor.

Three year commitment

All of the ABOVE PLUS

A Plaque on the Donors Wall

Honorary Membership and a Doll  in  your image