The Ebony Village November 29-Jan 2020

***********************************************                The Art of Barbie      May 2020

______Celebrating the  40th Birthday of Black Barbie ________________________

Past Exhibits:

Doll Stories  March 2019-November 2019

Opening Reception :October 8,2017     General Public: October 9-Nov. 17,2017 
2015/2016  Schedule Upcoming Exhibits
Color of Courage “Peacekeepers  ” October 27-Nov.11
The Ebony Village      Winter Wonderland     Nov.27-December 19th 2015
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art Competion  ”  I Am The Dream, The Dream’s in me”
January 4 – February 28, 2016

Here comes the brides in “Harmonious Traditions”  June – Sept. 2014

Mammies, Music & The Movement February 1-May 10 2014

Ebony Village Nov. 29- January 1 2014   Holiday display of   Black Santa’s,  Angels and Kwanzaa exhibit.

Color of Courage : October 4-Nov.22  Honoring those who serve & protect …At home & Abroad  featuring  collection of 100 G.I. Joe’s .

National Black Doll MUSEUM TO EXHIBIT Doll E. DAZE: FOOTPRINTS of African Americans in transportation At the State Library of Massachusetts :   July 2013