Currently the museum lacks the capability of providing a digital-technology driven experience, however what it lacks in the digital experience has provided an opportunity to create a more enhanced and creative approach to its programing.

Kids & Families

Through the year the museum offers programs created to provide  an innovative approach to enhancing the learning experience of  a culture and history.

Back to Basic  programs include : Recycled unleashed ,Learn to sew, Art of collaging,  Movie nights & Film screenings, Dance etiquette and more these programs are free with admission . Members are Free!!

Our group workshops / program

Times: by appointments  10Am-12 noon   2-4pm Wednesday-Sundays

Number of students/ : up to 22

Length 1.5-2hours

Fee:(student rate) : $250 for 22 students and  10.00 per adult (1) adult chaperon admitted free per 8 students. $50.00 non refundable deposit required

Length 2- 2.5hrs  Fee: $320.00 for  24 students

Overnights: minimum $50.00pp includes pizza dinner

Fee(adult/corporate rate); $400.00 for up to 25 adults including group leader. Discounts for seniors and educators.

Registration Information

Workshops offered:  Art of  African Wrap Doll| Fashionista|We Fit & healthy| Teen Cuisine | Cupcake Wars, M.S.I (Museum Scene Investigators), Espionage: Black Dispatchers,   Sewcommon, Go Green :Urban Scenes,