Art of the African Wrap Doll : Participants are lead in the designing and construction to create an African wrap doll based on the techniques from the traditional art form and updated to include the use of recycled materials, three dimensional figures are then created.     Time required:   1.5-2 hrs.

All About Kwanzaa  story theater presentation that invites the audience to not only view but experience how this African American cultural tradition is celebrated in more than 30 million homes around the world. / Audience participation  is key and taught in a lively call and response pattern usually found in many African American genre of music. Students are taught new vocabulary words and symbolic elements are introduced Students are given instruments to play, participate in dance routines, sing songs and assist with creating affirmations. The audience will discover why this rich tradition is celebrated around the world..

Espionage /Black Dispatchers : There are nine known African American spies recognized by the CIA. They were actively involved gathering intelligence during the Civil War and known as Lincoln’s Legal Loyal League( the 4 L’s) . As a Black Dispatcher participants use intelligence as a lens to examine  history. Time Required  1.5-2hrs or overnight


M.S.I (Museum Scene Investigator)

Joseph C. Britt a 32 yr. career criminal investigator for the Boston Police Department and a developed expert in evidence collection will lead our Investigators in training  in  the art of Crime and Evidence Collection . Based on real forensic evidence and techniques participants  will learn to Analyze a room, create a DNA fingerprint, lift fingerprints from objects,identify evidence  and much more. Time Required :2-2.5 hrs.
Fashion Doll Makeover:Bring in your gently loved doll to create a OOAK masterpiece.  You will  use this doll to help you practice your face paint skills as you  create your own makeup designs. Learn to safely clean your doll without damaging its finish, replace hair and makeup. Time required; 2.5-3hrs

SewCommon when your learning to sew to think that its complicated because you are uncomfortable with the machine,  the names of the tools, and you have to understand patterns,  but Ms. Jackie will have you  well on your way to overcoming those fears with your first lesson and  bringing  home a reversible  tote bag . Time Required:1.5-2hrs

Fashionista :  From Bland to Glam ! Spend an evening with  your troop or  girl group . Begin with a tour of the museum, dinner and  then relax with a Manicure, Pedicure , Facial and commercial makeover. Now you are ready to walk the runway and have your photo shoot.   Time Required :  4hrs.

Confectionery Challenge:  is the museums version of cupcake wars. your group will be divided equally into teams. Each team will be provided with undecorated cupcakes Armed with  basic recipes for frosting and toppings , teams plan &  create original frosting for the ultimate topping.

The teams will  be given  2 hours  to  decorate  and build a display to highlight their sweet confections. The judges will determine the winning team  on the following criteria: taste, appearance, presentation and originality. Time Required : 1/2 day or overnight

We Fit & Healthy:   We are expanding on your Wii experience !! We provide you the opportunity to make a healthy  meal, workout in a large facility  and receive a professional  massage  with our fitness Guru . Its not just you it’s we learning to  combine fun and fitness .We will stretch our bodies and imagination, compete and complete a robust workout. Time Required 1.5/2hrs