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Black Dolls/ Black Pride:

Examine the power of play

This workshop focuses on the significant role black dolls have played in the movement of Black self-pride.  The movement for Black self-pride was largely inspired by the human drive for freedom. The many stories of activists who promoted this new Black consciousness after Reconstruction are critical pieces of the history of the movement. This workshop features the struggle for self-determined self-imagery by black activists in American society and explores much about who these historical heroes were and how they saw societal mobility as a means for asserting their individual freedom.

African Wrap Dolls

The NBDMHC specializes this updated adaptation of doll-making based on the techniques of the traditional art form rooted in18 century African American culture. The workshop offers a hands-on introduction to this process. Participants will create their own three-dimensional figures used over centuries to enhance storytelling.



Do-it-yourself genealogy research is a popular hobby. Historical factors can help or hinder you in your research. Slavery, the selling of families is the greatest obstacle for many African Americans. Join Joyce Stamps genealogist and former president of AAHGS(Afro-American Historical & Genealogist Society as she provides you with a wealth of information and tools necessary to perform your own research.

All About Kwanzaa

Our Kwanzaa workshop offers audiences a theatrical presentation that invites them to not only view but experience how this African American cultural tradition is celebrated in more than 30 million homes around the world.

All About Kwanzaa

African Dance with Chefi:

Let’s Move …away from the screen and participate in an energetic moment through some popular fun African dance. These dances are from the Ivory Coast, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Angola. Students will be shown the region where each move originated from on a map and greeted and taught how to greet in a native language of the dance move performed or taught. Students will continue to participate through call and response. Most of all, students will dance! Students will learn the importance of the use of some of their body parts in African dance and see demonstrations of basic movements which they will then take part in, all together as a group.

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