“Mothers! Give your children dolls that look like them to play with and cuddle, They will learn as they grow older to care for and love their own children…”

“Marcus Garvey”


National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture

Dolls.  They are a child’s first introduction to self-image; their stories are key elements in our personal heritage. Across all cultural backgrounds, everyone has a story that dolls can tell. The history of Black dolls is about more than just objects of play.

Black dolls have played a critical role in building a diverse American society and rich African American culture. They help tell the stories of African- American history , of enslaved Africans captured and relocated to a strange land and yet bravely asserting their own cultures—and of everyone who came after.

NBDMHC uses our doll collection (7000 dolls and counting!) along with engaging images and artifacts to illustrate and tell those individual stories and the story of a people..


Our Mission

The National Black Doll Museum is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Our Mission is three-fold to nurture self-esteem, promote culture diversity and to preserve the history of black dolls by educating the public on their significance.

Our Vision

Established as a cultural and educational resource institution the museum presented by the Doll E Daze project uses its non-threatening environment to facilitate true dialogues on cultural differences, empowers individuals by cultivating artistic and creative skills thus nurturing one’s self-esteem.


Our Goals

We achieve our goals through collaborations with other museums, cultural centers, organizations, and individuals .Cultural education of African American history is exchanged via workshops, seminars, and presentations.

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National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture Video


Leona Martin

What a treat!  Thank you Debbie for your hospitality!!



Chip Epps

Amazing!!! Well worth the money spent to find out about Black history the historian do not want to tell us or know!!! I wish this museum would travel to other cities spreading history. This museum is not just about dolls is about HISTORY!!! Thank you for the private birthday tour



Cheryl Williams

I travelled from Georgia and wanted to support a black owned business. It’s just outside of Boston but the trip was well worth it. The ride was scenic and smooth. The tour was fabulous rich with history and unforgettable. Exceeded my expectations. I have travelled to DC and this is just as rewarding with a hands-on experience. Thanks to the Sistahs for doing us Proud!




Hey you, sign up it only takes a second to be the first to find out about our latest news and promotions…

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