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We’ve turned some of our much loved collection items, museum galleries and iconic buildings into puzzles.

Select your level of difficulty and away you go! And keep checking back as we add more puzzles.

African Legends Tale of Two Sisters Charlene McNeil Photographer

This photograph by Charlene Mcneil is from the first Black Doll Collectors Convention held in 2008 African Legends Janay Doll By Integrity Toys. Legend Has it When the king decided that it was time for his son to select a wife, a message was sent to all the nearby villages with the happy news. Proud fathers from all over was invited to introduce their daughters to the Prince, however every citizen of the Serengeti agreed that old barumba’s daughters were the most beautiful they had ever seen.

Janay the kind and generous sunshine girl was everyone’s favorite in the running but all new too well that her evil twin sister Nakia although equally enchanting was self centered and devious… She would certainly do anything to win the prince’s heart even cast mysterious spellsthat only she new the secrets to.

Who will be the chosen one?

The Last Ride

We all have a love story. Created with Love and in remembrance, this doll was created in her husband’s image, and using his clothes. After his passing, she no longer wanted to sew her sewing basket was repurposed into the bike. Can you see the thimble, bobbin, empty thread spool, embroidery hoops, and the tape measure? – We all have a love story. Photo by: Rick Schwartz

Postcard – Beth Danesco, Collaged Patchwork, 2018

Collaged Postcard of patrons, exhibits, and events of the museum created by resident Beth Danesco for the web 2018.

about the hourny

Easy 10pcs Medium 50pcs/ Difficult 200pcs

Doll House: History of Racial Inequity through the eyes of dolls Black Dolls On Loan: Courtesy of Phoebe Fisher

Doll House Phoebe Fisher , New York 2016

Topsy-Turvy dollhouse is a 13-room, structure representing the timeline of racial inequity through the eyes of Black Dolls. It was designed by high school sophomore Phoebe Fisher for her entry into the 2016 National History Day competition. The dollhouse entry won first place in the New York State competition. The Topsy Turvy dollhouse is a traveling exhibit that resides at the National Black Doll Museum of History and Culture.

Ebony Village Photo by Charlene McNeil

The Ebony Village, a celebration of the Christmas holidays through the eyes of Black culture. )  The holiday collection of  250 black Santa’s (and Mrs. Santa’s) of all sizes,125 tree toppers, Christmas figurines, and ten trees boasting 1,000 African and/or Black-oriented ornaments (out of a total collection of 2,500). The Santa’s include “motionettes”, musical, sport, hip hop, and light-up figures, among others.


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Easy10pcs/ Medium 60pcsDifficult 200pcs

Enchanted Holiday Display

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