The Doll E Monologues

The Doll E Monologues is a scripted presentations using black dolls to provide a historical perspective of the African American experience. This 45-60-minute historical account us a timeline incorporating visual images and written narratives with the storytellers answering questions

The exhibits of dolls that we customize for your presentation are created from all mediums. Some of the exhibits can talk about the materials used to create dolls a display of wood, wax, celluloid,


This presentation celebrates the contributions of African Americans to all branches of science. Along with a narrated lecture, this presentation includes a visual timeline and related dolls highlighting the history, careers and achievements of some of today’s outstanding black scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and medical professionals while also recognizing the notable figures from the past on whose shoulders they stand.


Amazing Journey

This personal narrative tells the History of the Doll E Daze Project (Est. 2004) and the The National Black Doll Museum, a one-of-a-kind private 501© 3 non-profit institution. In this presentation, The Museum founders share the museum’s origin story and their insights into museum work including: exhibition development, educational and community outreach programs, fundraising and our commitment to the communities we serve.

Stars Beyond Stereotypes

This one-hour presentation, created by our staff playwright, traces the history of Black images (both negative and positive)  and the work of Black filmmakers and artists from the beginning of cinema history up until the invention of “the talkie.” Discover the stars beyond the stereotypes existing in this slice of overlooked American film history.


``Stories & Dollmaking: Bespoke History Programs``

History comes alive as dolls created in the image of extraordinary people are used as a visual aid to tell the stories of struggle and resilience in the African American experience With 7000+dolls of color in our arsenal we are capable of setting up customized displays based on any subject matter. This unique program gives your event visual and historical artifacts within reach.
Studies have proven that interest in any subject for most people is ignited when you are able to use more than one of your senses. We strongly believe in “supervised touch``

History of Music

from artist such as Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Dian Ross to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, Master P, Beyoncé,

Civil Rights:

Jessie Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X. Angela Davis, Emmet Till, Nelson Mandela, Thurgood Marshall

Black Inventors

Joseph Lee, Garret Morgan, Elijah McCoy, Madam CJ Walker, George Washington Carver, Granville T. Woods  

Civil War

Elizabeth Bowser, Elizabeth Kleckley, Charlotte Forten, Mary S. Peake, Rebecca Cole, Susie King, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Henry “Box” Brown, William & Ellen Craft, Sojourner Truth

Black Athletes:

Muhammad Ali, Flo Jo, Althea Gibson, Venus & Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, O.J Simpson, Jackie Robinson, Shaquille O’Neil


Jada Picket, Hallie Berry, Hattie McDaniel’s, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Lawrence Fishburne,

Black Firsts

First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama, Edmonia Lewis, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper, Mary Fields (Stagecoach Mary)

Dolls of the World/Souvenir

Africa Ndebele Tribe, Kenya, South Africa, Cuba, Native America, Jamaica, Asia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Ireland, Bolivia, Peru, Scotland, Holland, Russia
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