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Celebrate The Legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday January 15th

12-3 P M       Refreshments served


 Happy Birthday

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


    The National Black Doll Museum of History and Culture sponsored by the Doll E Daze Project & Museum Inc  opened  its doors in historic downtown Mansfield, Mass in  July of  2012.  Rich in culture  the museum celebrates black history through the eyes of a doll collector.

Dolls are a child’s first introduction to self- image, their  stories are key elements in our personal heritage. Regardless of one’s cultural background, everyone has a story to tell. African- American history is filled with stories of enslaved Africans captured and relocated to a strange land and bravely asserting their own cultures.  The history of black dolls is about more than just objects of play.Black dolls have played a critical role in building a diverse American society and rich African American culture. NBDMHC uses their collection along with engaging images and artifacts to illustrate and tell those individual stories.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is three-fold  to nurture self-esteem, promote culture diversity and to preserve the history of black dolls by educating the public on their significance.

Established as a cultural and educational resource institution the museum  presented by the Doll E Daze project uses its  non-threatening environment  to facilitate true dialogues on cultural differences, empowers individuals by cultivating artistic and creative skills thus nurturing one’s self-esteem. Through collaborations with other museums, cultural centers, organizations, and individuals cultural education of African American history is exchanged  via  workshops, seminars, and presentations.

N.B.D.M.H.C    288 N.Main Street   Mansfield, MA 02048

                                               (774) 284-4729

Hours  Tues-Sat 12-5 PM  By appointment 
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