“Mothers! Give your children dolls that look like them to play with and cuddle…They will learn as they grow older to care for and love their own children…”
– Marcus Garvey

Dolls are a child’s first introduction to self- image, their  stories are key elements in our personal heritage. Regardless of one’s cultural background, everyone has a story to tell. African- American history is filled with stories of enslaved Africans captured and relocated to a strange land and bravely asserting their own cultures.  The history of black dolls is about more than just objects of play.Black dolls have played a critical role in building a diverse American society and rich African American culture. NBDMHC uses their collection along with engaging images and artifacts to illustrate and tell those individual stories.

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The National Black Doll Museum is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Our Mission is three-fold to nurture self-esteem, promote culture diversity and to preserve the history of black dolls by educating the public on their significance.

Our Vision
Established as a cultural and educational resource institution the museum presented by the Doll E Daze project uses its non-threatening environment to facilitate true dialogues on cultural differences, empowers individuals by cultivating artistic and creative skills thus nurturing one’s self-esteem.

Our Goals

We achieve our goals through collaborations with other museums, cultural centers, organizations, and individuals .Cultural education of African American history is exchanged via workshops, seminars, and presentations.